Vintage Care

Vintage care

Your vintage item has survived for years already. We would like it to continue to thrive, but to do that it sometimes needs some time and love lavishing on it to equip it for the next phase of its journey.

  • Keep your vintage clothes in a dry, dust-free place away from direct sunlight. Humidity or damp will damage delicate fibres, and sunlight can fade vintage prints and colours.
  • Hang your vintage clothes on good, shaped hangers. Delicate fabrics should always be on padded fabric hangers; they'll tear through the shoulder fabric otherwise. Heavy beaded dresses and anything exceedingly delicate should be stored flat in a breathable container or wrapped in acid-free tissue paper (normal tissue can bleed into the garment if wrapped for years).
    • Always hand wash pre1960s vintage, rather than machine washing and drying it. If you are really concerned because the fabric is very old or delicate, consider not washing it at all : a good airing can often work just as well for removing odour without damaging the garment. 
    • To keep your precious clothes in good condition, wash them less. Repeated, vigorous washing can damage the fibres of vintage clothes (and new clothes too). Washing (machine washable) clothes at 30 instead of 60 degrees will also prolong their life and is much more eco friendly too.
    • Never wash embroidered silks or satins. Always dry clean or simply air.
  • If you want to dry clean special vintage items use a reputable dry cleaner that you can build up a relationship with, or take advice from the store that you have purchased your piece from. It's good to use someone that you trust to know what's best for your clothes and will take as much care of them as you would.
And finally..
    • "A stitch in time saves nine," as they say... It is, annoyingly, true!